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Basic principles and role of the Bitcoin network

It is the blockchain technology that ensures the safety, reliability, and verification of transactions in the Bitcoin network. In this article, we will look at blockchain technology, its basic principles and role.

The main principles of Bitcoin technology

Bitcoin is not only money but also a money transfer system of the same name. Participants in the system that generates blocks earn money that is issued by the system. However, a meager commission fee is added to them for including the transfer in the blockchain chain. Traditional financial institutions are a long way off because, thanks to states and taxes, their operating costs are constantly rising.

The main advantages of blockchain technology include decentralization, transparency, reliability, speed, and efficiency, the descriptions of which are the following:

  • Due to decentralization, data is stored on different computers, which makes the network almost impenetrable to hacking.
  • Transparency allows users to verify and track all transactions in real-time.
  • Reliability is ensured by the fact that each block contains a unique hash code.
  • The speed provides the opportunity to follow the price of Bitcoin second by second.

How to protect your Bitcoin transactions with special mixing services?

Among the most popular Bitcoin mixing services in 2023 are the following:

  1. Yo!Mix.

Yo!Mix is an online bitcoin mixing service designed to mix Bitcoin with different users in order to obfuscate the “traces” and the inability to determine the source of transactions.

CoinJoin is another way of mixing coins. But this kind of Bitcoin mixer does not completely remove the digital footprint. CoinJoin combines several user transactions into one pool, paying out conditionally “clean” coins to recipients.

  1. Sinbad Mixer.

Sinbad Mixer is generally non-custodial, which means there is no third-party control over the wallet and funds, but rather smart contracts are used. Since the service does not use intermediaries, it is reliably neutral.

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